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Specialties: Industrial


LynStaar performed a feasibility study to evaluate upgrading of the existing heating plant for a 300,000 square foot central maintenance facility in Yonkers, New York. The project involved analyzing various heating system alternatives with regard to energy use while minimizing cost and keeping facility in operation with the least amount of disruption. The system involved splitting the facility into two separate wings with a separate heating plant dedicated to each wing to minimize piping runs, pump and boiler size. Total construction cost $950,000.


A large manufacturer of gypsum board with a factory located in Buchanan, N.Y. required a modification of their electrical service equipment to maintain reliability for their continuous operation. LynStaar Engineering’s experience brought to the project the knowledge of how to establish a new service, connect it to the existing facility’s distribution system and remove the old electrical service with minimal down time to the project. The importance of minimizing the down time meant reduced production loss and thereby reduced revenue loss.


To meet their growing circulation of daily newspapers a 20,000 square foot expansion was required. The critical concern for this expansion was to integrate the new control and alarm systems for the new presses with the existing system so that plant personnel would not be required to learn a new system and could maintain operation of a system they were very familiar with. LynStaar Engineering, by having multiple discussions with the owner to gain intimate knowledge of the control and alarm systems and by being involved in the construction administration to monitor the installation and testing, was able to achieve the goal of control and alarm uniformity.


LynStaar’s designs include new main electrical service including switchgear, fire safety, sprinklers, modifications to ductwork, new main electrical feeders, and other electrical and mechanical upgrades to their plant.