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Specialties: Municipal


LynStaar provides municipal engineering services to the Town of Yorktown, NY. In general LSE is responsible for the capital projects, sanitary sewer infrastructure, wastewater treatment plant and all environmental services.

As part of the general engineering services, LynStaar also represented the Town of Yorktown during design and construction at its Yorktown Heights Water Pollution Control Facility, which serves the Hallock's Mill Sewer District. The project included the installation of an Ammonia Removal System to comply with the Town's SPDES Permit with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which included rotating biological contractors, new trickling filters and an alkalinity control system. In addition the project provided for the compliance with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection's Watershed Rules and Regulations. This meant the plant moved to a new level of treatment of Microfiltration, including the addition of an ultraviolet disinfections system, a new emergency generator, and new sand filters. The upgraded facility treats n average monthly flow of 2.5 million gallons per day and the total cost of the projects was approximately $40 million. Both the City of New York and those who reside in the Hallock’s Mill Sewer District shared the funding for these improvements.

LynStaar performed a feasibility study for replacing existing steam fired boilers at the Community and Cultural Center as well as the design of a new heating plant.

LynStaar performed a study and physical condition survey of 15 waste water pumping stations to establish budgets for a 5 year plan for upgrading the stations.


LynStaar designed the approximately 2,000 l.f. of pipelines on concrete filled pipe piles to repair an infrastructure problem where, due to existing soil conditions, frequent backups and breakages occurred. Maintenance of the existing utilities also had to be maintained during the construction period. The approximate construction cost of the project was $1 million.

LynStaar performed a feasibility study to evaluate installing emergency generators at five town facilities. Designs for implementing the installations were also created. LynStaar did the design work for the rehabilitation of an existing pump station serving 15 residences.


LynStaar performed an in-depth study of the proposed Town Hall for the Town of Cortlandt. In addition LynStaar was retained by the Town for the complete rehabilitation of the mechanical/electrical systems for the Town Hall. The air conditioning system designed was with air-cooled chilled water equipment with central station air handling units. The heating system was a combination steam/hot water. The electrical design included new power, lighting and modifications to the fire alarm system. Generator and UPS system design was included for the police and computer areas.

LynStaar performed the design for replacement of the heating boiler at the Cortlandt Community Center.


LynStaar performed design for replacement of existing heating boiler and main air-handling unit. LSE also performed the physical condition survey of existing mechanical and electrical systems to establish budgets for a 5 year plan for equipment upgrades.


LynStaar designed the HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, electrical and fire alarm systems for the new State Street Fire House. An energy efficient VAV (Variable Air Volume) air conditioning and radiant floor heating system and emergency generator was provided.